Real-world healing…

…in a world that no longer seems real

Be part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Bring your own knowledge and experience to the creation of the next global therapy.

Be the first!

Collaborate exclusively with Martyn Pentecost (Originator of Celtic Reiki and One Therapy), and be a pioneer of three new modalities of therapy. 

You’ll be an active contributor to how Trine is sculpted for others. You experiences will shape the benefits and value Trine offers the world.

Working towards both practitioner and trainer qualifications, you’ll be the first to take this journey, as we explore together, grow together, transform together.

Collaborator & Pioneer Trainer

Receive one-time-only certification as Collaborator in Trine Therapy and Pioneer Trainer Status. This will mean you are one of only a handful of professionals who can teach and qualify The Trine to others as a Pioneer Trainer.

Your Collaborator Status means you can differentiate your unique style of Trine Methodology, including personalised elements of the therapy that are sculpted for your future clients and students.

The Experience

With monthly online conferences and a 1:2:1 with Martyn each month, you’ll reconcile the weekly modules of learning media and case-study creation. Exploring, discovering, and testing each element of the Trine framework.

Working with others, like you, across the world to grow together as a family of Trine Collaborators and kindred spirits, seeking to change the world and help those who desperately need a little compassion.

As our year together progresses, you’ll have exclusive access to the immersive Extended Reality Realms of our new training experience. An immersive environment of media that brings our community into the world of Trine.

Trine is laser-focused on real-world results—
Creating deep-acting change, whilst targeting the most fundamental traumas, pains and experiences
Transform behaviours that no longer serve—
Discover results that last, act on a fundamental level and are versatile in scope
Therapy with a 21st Century approach—
Join the movement of diverse, often othered people with a community mindset based on a shared healing response #WeAreOne
Redefining Energy Therapy—
Blending otherworldly mystique with tangible results through innovative online training
The go-to for modern seekers—
Designed for the 21st Century therapist.
Trine serves people who embrace inclusivity and diversity
Creating therapeutic inclusivity—
Honouring people and groups frequently marginalised by obsolete ideas and social norms
Change the Narrative—
Change the World
Trine is a safe space—
Reaching out to those who feel alone, unheard, unseen
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Trine is formed of three modalities,
currently with the working titles of
Daedalus, Janus and Gemini:


Life is a labyrinth of unexpected turns and sharp corners. You map your life experiences into the tangled maze you walk—when you understand the architecture of who you are, you’ll heal yourself, not as some ideal your parents, society, the world put upon you, but authentically you.


From your first step to your final destination, knowing the map of your life and the tools you possess through which you navigate is vital. Every facet of you is connected, interrelated and intrinsically linked to your behaviour, thoughts, actions and identity—discover the map, chart your course, get where you want to be.


The life you want exists, like some phantom sibling out there in the unknowable future of infinite possibility. However, when you reach towards that future-self, the world around you slaps your hand away and tells you no! When you know how to change the narrative and bond with that elusive twin, you become one with them… and the life you dreamed of.

Three Modalities of Therapy—
One Extraordinary Programme

It’s Reiki

(But Not As You Know It!)

Reiki Healing is a 19th Century Japanese concept, re-themed in the 20th Century for a Western audience. To discover the modern perspective behind the mythos, we’ll strip back the outdated and controversial methodology to connect to the force that exists behind the mysticism.

Real-World tangibility with a little magic!

Every aspect of the Trine is designed for real-world results. Every nuance crafted and technique focused upon measuring the benefits. Professional, effective and forensic in nature, Trine is also mysterious, otherworldly in experience and contains just a fine layer of sparkle.

A Treasure Chest of Wonders!

Trine has multiple layers of therapeutic endeavour—From energy and vibrational healing, memetic therapy, story and creative therapy and much more. Seamlessly combined into a powerful, holistic art that serves those who seek real change in our strange and silly times.

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