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If you are struggling in life—not because life is hard, but because life being hard doesn’t make sense, then you are experiencing a very specific aspect of 21st Century Life.

More and more people are waking up to the knowing that humans are making life hard in ways it need not be. Yet, the moment you attempt to change it, the world focuses its gaze and makes it even harder on you.

When you experience this, it is time to discover Trine.

Trine is unlike anything you have experienced before.

A combination of personal development method, therapeutic system, lifestyle and cultural enhancement and business growth experience.
With a little bit of magic at its core.

Coping in the 21st Century

The challenge with so many well-being, health and personal or business development models is that they are created for current trends—not to adapt as the world changes—a constant reality of 21st Century life. And whilst on-the-fly, slickly marketed resources may help support you in navigating your everyday experiences, none are aimed specifically at measuring up to the real world, quantifiable results you need.

Navigating Change

Traditional models are great—some have worked for thousands of years, adapting with the needs of people across cultural lines, through the quirks and contexts of time. Yet none were made to cope with the degree of change we face each day.

Cultural Agility

Human culture has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, then thousands, then centuries and now decades, years and months is all it takes to land new opportunities and traumas in our laps.

Every Aspect of You

Modern development systems scrabble to keep up; taking disparate pieces of a complex puzzle and hashing together techniques that fail to encompass everything you are and have the potential to be.

Trine is different.

Aspect One—

How you map yourself into the human experience.

You step into an empty room. The walls, floors and ceiling are all painted white. This space is pristine and devoid of any character.

For a whole year you live every moment of your life in this room—your sustenance, sanitary and health needs are all met.

However, the only thing you have access to is unlimited shopping through an Amazon account where you can order stuff until your heart is content.

In a single year you would fill that room with you.

In a single year you would fill that room with you. Every purchase is a reflection of you and your life experiences. The things you feel you need, the things that bring you joy, the things that make each day a bit easier or alleviate some pain. In 365 days everything in that room (and what is not in that room) will form a map of you. Your inside, outside.

You map yourself into the world every day.

You map yourself into the world every day. And it’s not just what you buy, it’s not only the stuff you accumulate—it’s the emotions you express, the words you say, the behaviours you enact in every moment. It is the media you consume and create. It imbues every single choice and perspective you reveal as you map yourself in the world.

And with that map,

you seek out the terrain that is most suited to the map.

And with that map, you seek out the terrain that is most suited to the map. The life this map enables you to journey through with the greatest ease. However, when you truly look at the map you create each day and how that is reflected in what happens to you day by day, you would be devastated to see how your map is not taking you where you need to be.

This is where Trine is different.

Before you can change the map, you need to know the map. This is where Trine is different. Trine will help you create a moment by moment, comprehensive map not only of what you are doing, where those behaviour patterns and choices are coming from, but also why you are neurologically entrained to those habits.

In parallel, Trine also presents an overarching labyrinth of human experience, completely transforming how you view the world around you. By doing so, you can not only understand the world and where you best fit into the world,

but also change the narrative of the world.

With Trine you create the landscape of you and learn how to navigate it in new and powerful ways, not only to find your way, but to find a better way and then to completely re-sculpt the labyrinth to what you want it to be.

Trine Consultations & Treatments

(Online Experiences)

Initial Consultation, Treatment Plan & Treatment

Complete Forms, Video Consultation, Treatment Plan, Treatment and Confirmation

$300 (Half Price Introductory Offer)

You begin your Trine journey together with Martyn (Originator of Trine) by completing a set of initial questionnaires. These are aimed at diving deeply into your life experiences and what you would like to work with throughout your treatment plan.

Personal Treatment Plan

You will then meet with Martyn through video conferencing and explore your answers together. Once you’ve have completed this initial get together, you’ll receive a personal treatment plan, designed just for you.

Experienced in Your Own Time

This is followed with full treatment and some techniques for you to work with. These can be experienced in your own time and work with you and your daily schedule.

Treatment Feedforward

Once complete, Martyn will record a Confirmation Video to talk you through the treatment feedforward, as well as any insights gleaned.

Once you have taken your initial steps with Trine,

the following options are available for ongoing treatment:

Consultation & Treatment [Foundation]

Complete Forms, Treatment and Confirmation

1 Modality


Consultation & Treatment [Personal]

Complete Forms, Video Consultation, Deep-Level Treatment and Confirmation

2 Modalities


Consultation & Treatment [Full Treatment Experience]

Complete Forms, Video Consultation, Deep-Level Treatment and Video Feedback/Consultation

All 3 Modalities


Consultation & Treatment [Treatment Course]

Complete Forms, 6 Video Consultations, 6 Deep-Level Treatments and Video Feedback/Consultation for each treatment.

All 3 Modalities

$2500 payable in deposit of $500 + 5 payments of $400

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