Life can be a wondrous, pleasurable experience. It can also be painful, frustrating and difficult to navigate. Having therapeutic resources, you can turn to—resources that help you overcome those challenges and enhance the wonderful moments—is a powerful way of getting the most from life.

Usually, to access the most effective forms of therapy, you will need to visit a qualified professional or undertake training to become a qualified professional. Romanknowes offers a contrasting path

Romanknowes is an immersive, enchanting virtual environment that reveals the most potent Reiki modality and energy therapy tools for home and family use. As you walk the streets, visit the various establishments and travel beyond the town walls, you will encounter an enormous range of techniques and methods that add value to your life.

This magical adventure will help you to create your own perspective on life, health, wellbeing and the world around you. Through using the five modalities of One Therapy, you will not only discover the hidden secrets of professional practitioners and trainers, but also appreciate yourself in very different ways.

The virtual experience will develop over time, a method of creating your own resources within your own home. So, whilst you are always welcome to travel into the Realms of Romanknowes, you can also have all your favourite resources around you and available in the moment, without needing to search.

Self-diagnostic tools and profiling methods, treatments and exercises, creative activities and a plethora of beautifully crafted, multisensory resources, help you harness the power of Reiki and other energetic experiences and focus these to enhance your life.

In the early days registered visitors will be able to access newly-built resources for a period. Supporters will be able to experience the behind-the-scenes development of other resources as well.

Romanknowes is based upon the principle of value, where your support means we can continue creating and delivering expansive value to you. Your contributions enable us to offer you more and you can contribute as much and for as long as you wish.

By investing in Romanknowes, you will be able to access an ever-growing repository of knowledge and experience. And as we welcome you to Romanknowes, know that you will grow to appreciate yourself and transform your life in ways you never even imagined possible.