The purpose of the One Therapy Practitioner Programme 

Each of the five modalities of One Therapy has its own distinct perspective, therapeutic approach and practical tools. 

It is possible to train as a practitioner in each one individually in the traditional way favoured by complementary therapy. 

However, the unique One Therapy Practitioner Programme is oriented solely around creating and shaping value for your clients by using all five modalities. Whatever is required to create maximum impact for your clients (from whichever modality) is used by you to accelerate and deepen their results. 

This is a value-led rather than content- or modality-led approach, putting the needs of your clients firmly at the heart of your work. 

For pioneers 

Be among the first group to embrace this innovative approach to creating powerful change by joining the Practitioner Programme that runs from May 2023. (Maximum of 20 participants.) 

What is involved in this programme? 

Weekly transformation resources 

Each week you will have access to new resources online from the realms of One Therapy. These allow you to experience the power and value of One Therapy for yourself first of all. 

Monthly professional resources 

Each month you will be guided through areas of professional development and practice in One Therapy, allowing you to contextualise each element you are experiencing for the clients you work with. This will also involve the development of the business structures and processes that create the strongest foundations for the sustainability of your business. 

Live sessions with Martyn Pentecost (originator) 

Each month there will be a live Zoom gathering with Martyn Pentecost. During this session he shares with you insights and practical tips in how to work as a professional One Therapy practitioner. You will also have the opportunity to explore the business challenges and needs required to create a sustainable therapeutic business. 

Live sessions with Linda Haczynski (Community Manager) 

Each month there will also be a live Zoom gathering with Linda Haczynski. During this session you will have the opportunity to share your personal experience of value with One Therapy resources, explore questions and challenges, etc. 

Practice partners 

It is essential that each participant actively implements the various tools and professional approaches involved in the One Therapy Practitioner Programme. It will be possible for you to arrange practice partners with fellow participants. You will also need to work (without any fee or other form of compensation) with others to allow you to be confident in your skills as a practitioner. 

Support community 

None of us thrive alone, neither do we learn effectively alone or in isolation. Contributing to the sessions and supporting fellow participants is an integral aspect of One Therapy practitionership. You are not alone. 


Throughout the programme you will be expected to reflect on each practice client interaction and record this as part of your final assessment process. 

There will also be a concluding assessment which reviews both your professional understanding and practice of One Therapy and your business strategy and structure. 


After a successful assessment you will be certified as a One Therapy Practitioner. This allows you to work with paying clients according to the ethical and practical guidelines covered during the programme. 

Your certification is for an initial period of one year, to keep your certification valid simply complete the annual continual professional development (CPD) requirements which includes any additional training and the submission of reflective case studies. The fee for recertification is included in continued membership of the Practitioner Community (which involves a monthly subscription including ongoing access to all practitioner-level resources). 


There are two ways to secure your place on the programme. 

Once you have booked your place you will meet Linda on Zoom to get you set up on the programme and ensure that it is a fit for your own needs. 


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