Discover the One Therapy Practitioner Home Experience—2 year accredited training

Our world is at a point in time and space, unlike any other. With divisive political landscapes, polarised social attitudes and technological overwhelm, we seek refuge in behaviours we hope will offer sanctuary, but just hold empty promises.

As mental illness and neurological conditions profoundly change the needs of many and we continue to battle physical dis-ease, as cultural unrest mounts and hatred fills the hearts of entire communities, we seek answers—a way forward to come together as one.

The challenge is we are living with fundamental shifts in perspectives that cannot be matched or healed by repeating what has worked in the past. To develop well-being in a contemporary sense, we need an approach that matches those fundamental shifts in perspective.

Looking back to the ancient, but with new eyes…

Many claim to have new and improved forms of therapy to help with modern problems, however these are merely changes in theme, not in paradigm. A new theme will look different, seem different, but is essentially the same ethos, rehashed into a well-marketed sales pitch.

A transformation in paradigm is when a modality of therapy is deconstructed to its traditional roots and re-sculpted through a modern lens. Removing 19thand 20thCentury dogma and creating a modality specifically designed for our 21stCentury lifestyles—with each aspect working in a way that matches or moves beyond our current challenges.

Welcome to One Therapy

…Five ancient arts made anew for our 21stCentury lives.

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As a qualified One Therapy Practitioneryou will be able to offer treatments, consultations and presentations from one or more of the five elements. In addition to therapeutic energy-based treatments, you can work with a client on various other issues that may be impacting their well-being, these include:

For an in-depth look at the scope of One Therapy, please see the individual element descriptions (below) for an exploration of all that is included.

You can now join in the One Therapy Practitioner Programme for a two-year journey into the life-changing experience unlike any other.

Nowhere else can offer One Therapy or the five therapeutic elements of One Therapy directly with the originator (Martyn Pentecost). And no other provider can qualify at an accredited professional level.

If you wish to enjoy the One Therapy Practitioner Programme purely for your own benefit and do not intend to work professionally with others no certification is required (though you may choose to apply for attendance certificates for each module, additional fees required). If you wish to qualify professionally to assist clients you can apply for assessment for each module and the full One Therapy Practitioner certification.

The investment for all five elements will be $4000 (with optional assessment and certification fees of $500).

You can also spread the investment over 12 monthly instalments of $400 (total $4800) with optional assessment and certification fees of $500.

This offer is only available for a very short period. Begin your adventure with One Therapy today!

Become a Professional One Therapist—start today with full investment

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Begin your journey today and invest through instalments!

(You will be taken to The Official Celtic Reiki Website)


What most people know as Reiki is actually Usui or Western Reiki Therapy. vReiki is a very different form of therapeutic experience because it explores the foundations behind those therapies (what they were based upon). Going straight to the roots of the Ki traditions, we shall adventure through Reiki and the other facets of Ki, such as Jiki and Denki.

As you uncover each layer of Ki, you multiply the results you can achieve with any existing form of Reiki therapy you have mastered. Yet vReiki is so much more.

In the most detailed and profound Home Experience to date, you will see how the various interactions within Ki and its facets will change your worldview, transform your therapeutic experiences and help you develop a far-reaching ethos of Reiki, unlike anything available anywhere else.

vReiki One—Reiki Revolution Foundation

V Reiki One: Introduction to V Reiki

Reiki is one of many facets that create a Universe Life Force. This force, which is know as Ki according to Japanese tradition, adapts in accordance to the life purpose of Divine Ki (Shinki). As Shinki transforms into other facets of Ki, the physical being is created and driven by the relationships of ever attracting and resisting energy that is often out of balance.

In this foundation course, we look at the concept of Life Force (Ki) and see how this can be viewed from the standpoint of ancient beliefs and then we develop this to a modern perspective, investigating the correlations between old and new. Discussing the philosophies, history, and evolution of Reiki therapies in the West, we then realign both with the vReiki system and through the traditional practices.

We study the three areas of Reiki as a self-development practice: meditation, self-healing, and the healing of others. Using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques we transform our Reiki interactions into an integrated and fluid practice that can enable the letting go of old, limiting beliefs towards health, relationships, prosperity, and simple joy. This leads us to true holistic health and wellbeing, not only in physical and emotional respects, but also in our philosophies and spiritual being.

The course continues with attunements to Jiki: The Ki of Magnetism and the source of order, structure, and higher cerebral abilities. Jiki creates the attraction and rejection of people, situations, and dynamics in our lives, thus deciding if we possess a magnetic attraction towards money, love, and joy, or whether we repulse those things in favour of poverty, struggle, and loss.

Jiki is used in psychic development to enable intuitive abilities and the capability to communicate with spirit and the energetic entities around us. Our conscious attunement to the facet of Jiki, facilitates immediate and permanent abilities to sense the world beyond that of usual perception and when combined with Reiki, presents us with a huge range of tools and skills that can revolutionise our spiritual development, psychic ability and healing processes.

Course Contents

V Reiki Practitioner

Complimentary Therapies based upon the concept of Ki (and the Chinese equivalent, Chi) use a system of discreet energetic channels that exist in the human. These are known as meridians and are integral to our holistic health and wellbeing. It is with these meridians that we begin our exploration of Reiki and other Life Forces when used in therapeutic practice.

By shifting our worldview of meridian as conduits to the flow of Reiki, we transform our perspective to understanding that it is us flowing through the Universal Constant of Reiki. This profound shift in ethos reveals how our meridians are how we sense that flow through Reiki, through life, through the Universe.

With an understanding of all the main meridians and ‘pressure points’ along these channels, we see how our basic treatments can be tailored to specific dis-eases and issues. Incorporating the traditional treatments of Usui/Hayashi that use Reiki experiences and gentle meridian massage, we then turn our attention to more specific forms of energetic pressure point stimulation.

With an understanding of Eastern Meridian Anatomy, we subsequently look at other cultural aspects of energy work, incorporating the chakra system and auric field, understanding how these affect us in a metaphysical style of therapeutic practice. Then we continue by understanding the analogies and similarities between ancient traditions in energetic anatomy and the physiology of Western medicine, including the nervous system, endocrine system, bioenergetic/EMF fields, and other anatomical concepts.

We then look at the practitioner’s ability to establish changes in the various aspects of Ki and mould a huge variety of therapeutic treatments from diverse levels of Reiki. Starting with the Usui approach of Kotodama and Sacred Symbols, we look beyond the perceived theology of Usui Reiki and understand Mikao Usui’s original intentions for altering the way Reiki behaves in treatments. Having established modes of changing Reiki, we see how this can be translated to Jiki, Denki (Ki of Thunder), and Kuki (Ki of Air), for a whole catalogue of treatments and self-development practices.

Progressing from the various attunements and study of these four facets of Ki, we then look to areas of practice beyond therapeutic treatment of the self and others. Here we see how our intuitive and psychic abilities can be used to assist us in professional and everyday life, forming a more integral link to the facet of Jiki, in order to work beyond the boundaries of the physical body.

This theme continues with a study of Denki enabled practices, seeing how techniques such as Psychic Surgery and ‘Non-touch’, Physical Massage can be carried out, in addition to emotional/cerebral/spiritual exercises that work with Kuki and Reiki to create further levels of treatment range and beneficial effects.

The workshop reaches completion with consultation practice, whereby practitioners are able to prepare prescriptive treatments according to specific issue, or disease, using Therapeutic Technique, Ki Facet, Level of Ki and Chosen Anatomical System. We also discuss the setting up of a therapeutic practice and other factors that the new practitioner may encounter.

Course Includes:

Karmic Regression Therapy

KRT began as Karmic Reiki… a specific form of past-life experience that occurs during other therapeutic Reiki treatments. It soon evolved into a whole other form of therapy that takes us on a voyage of time.

Starting with past lives, you will discover how to interpret and relate past-life experiences to your clients. We then go meta—with the exploration of miasma and vibrational memories that we inherit from birth.

Next, you will discover a holographic view of time and regression experiences that are created from birth and death trauma, before going into a Viridian perspective of KRT and the realisation that time is merely an illusion.

Reiki Training is not created equal

Karmic Regression Therapy(Karmic Reiki)

You are addicted to time…

The ability to connect to and immerse your clients in the experiences of their past lives, ancestry, holography and Viridia is an amazing life skill. As you unravel the mysteries of time, you glean an understanding that time is perceptual, not fixed in the way we think it is.

Time is merely a by-product of our consciousness…

…yet we are obsessed with time—addicted to it. Whenever we are held back by the past or worry about the future, we are feeding our addiction.

Whilst we cannot escape the necessity for experiences through time, we can shift our perspective of time to appreciate our lives in a very different way (filtered through the moment).

From moment to moment, we traverse different Karmic Realms. These are expressed through a set of contrasting emotion—emotions that motivate us in behaving certain wayss. From jealousy to hatred, yearning to naivety, we create our lives through these patterns and cycles of behaviour.

We are imbued with trauma, disease and pollution from our ancestral lineage. These subtle aspects of us create symptoms of illness that diminish our health and wellbeing. From birth to death and beyond, we navigate the challenges of time and our obsession with it.

First developed in 1998, Karmic Reiki used a set of basic tools to regress, heal and sooth clients from their past life trauma—based in buddhist philosophy, Karmic Reiki soon evolved into KRT. Here, the traditions of karma and reincarnation were apart to focus on the moment, rather than a time-specific series of events.

Further developed over two decades, KRT now consist of multilayered, multifaceted treatment methods that embrace many types of ethos and experience.

From past lives to karmic patterns, ancestral abuse to birth trauma—this unique, professional training programme unlocks time-addicted dis-ease for you to treat and heal. With a full-colour, in-depth course book, you’ll unlock an enchanting world to explore on line with videos, audio companions and four weeks of digital content to enjoy!

The Original Karmic Reiki

A simple modality that regresses the client into a Karmic State of Awareness. Here the practitioner (and possibly the client too), experience a multi-sensory adventure through many lives where they can unlock the mysteries of time and heal the past.

Foundation Karmic Regression Therapy

The foundations of KRT focus upon the six Karmic Realms—behavioural experiences that often imprison us. By tackling these different Realms, we can guide people back to a state of wellbeing, harmony and emotional balance.

Miasmatic Karmic Regression Therapy

Miasma, or ancestral disease, is the foundation of mKRT. Here we seek to unlock the miasmatic trauma that is passed down from parent to child for generations. By healing the vibrations we inherited from our family, we can heal ourselves and them.

Holographic Karmic Regression Therapy

There are two moments that form the basis of HoloKRT—birth and death. When the trauma of birth interacts with our own death adventure, we experience that holography as our current state of wellbeing. By adjusting the potential death adventures, we can change this moment now for our clients and ourselves.

Viridian Karmic Regression Therapy

Our everyday lives are spent in E State or invested in V State—these two discrete states are the philosophy behind vKRT. We are either bogged down by the world around us, or we live the life of our best self. vKRT uncovers what is stopping you from being the ultimate you and helps you to remove those obstacles.

The many uses of Energetic Karmic Regression include:


Combining vPsychic, EnergisV and Viridia Lingua, as well as various new developments in the psychology of energy therapies, PsyQ explores the myths and dogma of psychic abilities. You will then completely revolutionise what you currently understand as being psychic.

Taking the themes of vJiki, KRT, Celtic Reiki and VM, as well as scientific research and psychotherapy, we explore how to increase sensitivity and synaesthesia, psychic readings, lost soul work, psychometry, psychic healing, assertion and trance.

We then combine these with communication and psychological techniques to appreciate a greater knowledge of how we experience life, consciousness and the world.


An Introduction to PsyQ

This intelligence can be measured, just as we measure academic intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), or sexual intelligence (XQ). The particular form of intelligence we shall be exploring in this Home Experience is Psychic Intelligence, which is quantified on a scale of PsyQ.

Traditionally, psychic or supernatural skills are focused on what is outside of us; leading us to the dark, unknown world where things lurk in the night. The study and development of your PsyQ shifts our attention inwards, to what we experience within ourselves.

Hence, when tapping into and leveraging your PsyQ, your main toolis you!

The way you work in any given environment or in your practice will dictate the quality of what you glean from your senses. How you experience and interpret this sensory information will influence the clarity and accuracy of the insight you have and feedback you can offer.

This Home Experience explores a collection of exercises you can use in your everyday life. These, combined with the philosophy behind our PsyQ development, form the basis for what others will say are superhuman gifts. This comes with a need for deep professionalism, whether or not you are working for yourself or professionally.

This approach will help you develop your body and mind’s natural abilities to sense what is usually hidden, beyond the realms of normal perception. Once you start to develop your PsyQ, you will find a whole range of new and exciting activities is available to you.

These can include some of the practices covered in the Home Experience, but are not limited to these. Just as a person with a high IQ can use their intelligence to pioneer new methods, a raised PsyQ will present you with opportunities you cannot read in books.

The aim of PsyQ professionals is to hold a modern view of PsyQ (intelligence and craft), whilst mapping according to the beliefs of their clients or audience. In this way, we begin with traditional, Victorian views of psychic ability, transition through the philosophy of Psychic Intelligence (PsyQ), and then embark into the expanded legacy of PsyQ practice, consultancy and facilitation.

This will translate into conversations around ghost and demons for some, Plexi and Synaesthesia for others. In some instances you will be conducting séances and in others Energis:V. Curating a high degree of flexibility or neuroplasticity around your professional PsyQ activities is essential AND it is important to remain in context of evolution.

So, whilst we may begin a conversation with in terms of ghosts and Ghoulies, our intent is always to transition as quickly as possible into the terms, concepts and strategy of our PsyQ arts; such as BVP, Energis:V or iPsy.

The PsyQ Consultancy

Your experience of the world is based upon a series of sensory signals. These signals travel through your nervous system and are interpreted directly in the brain or through a chemical feedback process (emotional response). Many of these sensory signals dig deeply into your primal fears and anger—the flight or fight reaction that saved your ancestors lives and got you here.

Many people feel these chemical interactions of the body very profoundly—they are terrified, paralysed, anxious or full of rage and hatred. The unfiltered emotions and untrained mind can rarely be controlled or contained—it spills out into actions and behaviours that diminish our kind and make the world seem rather dark.

Some of us, think and feel differently—we empathise, we leverage emotional intelligence and we directly the thoughts and emotions in contrasting ways. This different approach to experiencing the world can make us victims of the world. Being in the centre of that sensory feedback can create abuse, damage and trauma, as we strive not to harm others as others harm us.

It can also empower us in unique and extraordinary ways. As we give attention to and leverage our PsyQ, we learn the ability to recognise other forms of sensory feedback, as well as diverse ways of interpreting that feedback.

Most people ignore their PsyQ—they never live through the experiences it shares, they deny its existence and some even mock us for ever having experienced it. Yet, despite others dictating what we do and do not experience in life, we dive into the endless pool of wonder within us. The infinite showcase of visuals, sounds, feeling and sensations that construct an elaborate way of knowing what is not known.

Energis:V part of PsyQ

The PsyQ Consultant wakes up in the morning, like anybody else—they may jump out of bed, or stumble clumsily toward the bathroom, where they stare, blankly at the mirror for several minutes. The PsyQ Consultant may choose to have breakfast, or not; they might dress like most other people or decide upon clothes that display some eccentricity or personality trait.

They may look like everybody else or stand out through some physical difference, size, shape, dress, or personality feature, such as charisma or passion. PsyQ Consultants are just like anybody else, so what do we do that is different and how do we do it?

Do we flick an internal switch, put on a cloak and waft sage sticks, hug trees or gaze into crystal balls?

Well, the answer is; if we do anything of these things it is because we enjoy them and not because we have a high PsyQ! The art of the PsyQ Consultant is to leverage extraordinary skills, without the need to feed ego. We acknowledge our humanity, celebrate our uniqueness, yet do not need to be tested to nourish the skepticism of others.

There are various areas pf the Energis: V Home Experience that empower your PsyQ in many powerful ways…

You begin by enhancing your PsyQ Consultancy with a very different take from the usual dogma around the paranormal. We investigate the way you filter the world around us and look at ways you recognise (or ignore) the sensory information from your daily life.

By changing our psychology around how we experience what is ‘outside’ of ourselves, we then explore how these filters affect our sensory experience of the paranormal and create our PsyQ interpretation of sensory data.

With an emphasis on knowledge that is grounded in what we know about brain function, rather than pseudoscientific terminology, you’ll be able to counteract skepticism with greater degree of eloquence—helping those who find the concepts of psychic ability challenging to grasp.

With the knowledge of how to compensate for distortion and generalisation of information, as well as the habitual response of explaining the paranormal in terms of the physical world (solid world rules), we then embark on refining our ability to glean valuable information from our psychic senses and interpret this with greater accuracy and clarity.

Thus, you’ll avoid making many of the common mistakes when interpreting the PsyQ experiences. We hone your ability to interpret information by recalibrating your filters and realigning the definitions you use to describe psychic wisdom. This major shift in the foundations of your psychic skills provides a basis for future work and will have a major effect on your current abilities.

Next we ask some very important questions…

What enables us to orientate others to their energetic environment?

How do we calibrate our psychic senses to the most relevant and valuable dynamics?

What enables our consciousness to pay attention to certain information and not to that which is sometimes more important or crucial?

Why do so many people come up with different information?

Are the answers ‘out there’ with the source of the data, or in the way we interpret the data?

Now we explore the psychology of focus, attention, assertion, and observation. So many ‘Psychic Mediums’ concentrate on posturing—broadcasting information—that they forget to orientation themselves fully to the source of that information. Therefore, the tendency is often to define contractive results, rather than the most beneficial and expansive results.

Here, you will learn how you can calibrate between sensations, understanding exactly how people translate the information from a common source to get different results. With an insight into how each person filters their sensory information, the PsyQ Consultant can then work with their group to an expanded level of focus and attain continuity throughout the group.

The outcome of this module is to understand the basics of orientation—how people orientate their consciousness to learn new behaviour, dynamics and strategies.

Continuing our journey, we examine the outermost realms of conscious experience, as we journey beyond the usual layers of sensory interpretation.

The expansion of our brain states to create integral forms of altered awareness, through the repatterning of our brains ‘synaptic patterns’ and chemical function, means that you can literally learn how to increase the capacity of your consciousness and ‘where’ it focuses.

Through this expansion of perception, we can then visit the Outer Realms, energy dynamics of little definition and huge expansion. With the ability to recognise and follow a dynamic entity from little definition/high expansion into the intense definition/greater contraction (from intangible to solid world), you will learn how to recognise dynamics in human behavior. You will also appreciate group interaction in a very different way.

Here you push your previously defined boundaries of ability and heighten your PsyQ even further. You’ll learn of the importance of definition and how to interpret the dynamics of others’ definitions. As you observe friends, family, work colleagues, etc. you will not only be able to decipher how they define you and whether those definitions have expansive or contractive dynamics, but also how to define yourself when others attempt to limit you.

The hidden dynamics of our world are also a focus of this journey. As we ask the questions… at anenergetic or dynamic level, what are your hidden depths? What are the vibrations and situations that define you? How do these hidden dynamics perpetrate at a social and psychic level of understanding? And how do you notice and experience these hidden dynamics in others and the world around you?

Every person sees the world from a unique, personal perspective and they interpret their sensory information through their filters. Yet, without an understanding of what that perspective is, how those filters function? How can they truly understand the information they attain from their PsyQ?

As we investigate the Hidden Dynamics, we encounter some of the most feared, though most profound and helpful circumstances. With the benefits that come by developing an attitude of confident strength in the face of ‘frightening’ encounters for you and your clients., to create a vast innate power that you can harness and control.

Through those experiences, you will redefine who you are, your abilities and your limitations, so that you can understand how to help others do this also. You’ll develop an excellent talent and methodology for observation and gain an insight into how the world (solid and otherwise) functions on deep, hidden levels. With these abilities in place, you’ll be ready and able to move beyond definition and other’s abilities to ‘put you in boxes’.

iPsy Consultant, part of PsyQ

There are many secrets in the Universe; some are so powerful that they can change a person instantaneously and irrevocably. It is one such secret you will discover on the path through iPsy…

The secret just is…it is neither good nor bad, it has no preference for who you are or the lifestyle you lead, it is beyond human parameters of definition. However, some people see the secret as a frightening undermining of their humanity, whilst others are set free by it.

Some believe the secret is a work of fiction, a fanciful delusion, while others understand it to be a profound truth. There are those who would stop at nothing to stop the secret from being openly available and there are those who know that eventually it will change the way humankind exists.

This secret is our new reality, our way forward, our bliss and our love – and if you are ready to progress with an open mind, it could become your secret too…

We sometimes fall into the routine of attempting to be perfect. The mother who must be the exemplary example to her children, the teacher who cannot be seen as human, the healer who never gets sick, the businessperson who measures success purely by the money ve makes, the woman so driven by a need for love, she is actually becomes filled with hate. The bruised egos and fears of failure seem to go hand in hand with our everyday lives in the constant struggle towards divine-like perfection.

But life is not about being perfect—it is living through experience and choice. Whether we choose experiences that cause us pain or joy, cause us to grow or to contract into darkness, is down to us. Yet often, we are so caught up in the challenge of ‘being perfect’ that we miss the profound truth that is all around us.

The world’s first iPsy experience has arrived and now is your chance to to witness one of the most life-changing experiences available. When you embark upon the iPsy Home Experience, you are setting off on a different path—you’ll notice from the very beginning that you’re about to leave behind so many of the limitations and failures of the past, as you move into a new “Plexi-State” of being.

Psy-Cerebral training is for you, when you want to move beyond the old views of the psychic ability and experience your skills from a completely new perspective; interacting with what is known as the Plexi-State.

In this powerful altered state of being, you become more than you can imagine in your usual waking state and shed the boundaries that keep your potential restricted. In Plexi-State you interact differently, perceive the world differently and thus, you completely change the way you function as a human being. Stepping into your Psy-Cerebral role, you are not a mere witness to the interaction, you become it and it will change the way you view yourself forever!

The iPsy skills are so simple, yet powerful that in order to learn them, you’ll need to learn some of the most deeply hidden secrets that have ever been discovered. These secrets are so incomprehensibly life-changing that as you experience the truth behind them, you undergo a major shift of being and nothing will ever be the same again.

Experiencing Plexi-State for the first time can be described as “coming undone”, as all the pain, grief, worry, hatred and limitations of the past, simply melt before you and literally undefined yourself. This way, you can redefine your true nature and become whoever and whatever you want to be, literally shaping the world around you as you go.

iPsy Consultants transcend ‘psychic abilities’, or ‘healing powers’, understanding that these are merely terminology for secrets that have indefinable strength and potential. Encouraged to stop reacting to the events around us and start acting to create events of our own choosing, the Psy-Cerebral does not merely guess at the past, she creates it.

The iPsy Consultant is not simply a spectator or witness, ve is a Master of ver own life and what ve experiences. Whether it is use in therapy, personal development, psychic work, or even in business and pleasure activities, the iPsy philosophies will enable you to wipe the slate clean and start again with a new Universal view and an innate power that will transform everything you know.

Course Syllabus:

The Viridian Method

The sum of more than twenty years research and development in energy therapies, VM forms the basis of all the One Therapy elements, yet exists beyond them all.

We begin by resetting everything you have been told about life. From time and space, to how your physical body works… From a conscious experience of the Universe, to a Universal experience of consciousness.

VM is a mind-blowing, mind-melting experience that offers greater transformation and broader degrees of development than any other form of energy therapy.

Specifically created to be a therapy for the 21st Century, we explore the existence of your Viridian Self, The E, I and V States, The T-Layer and the B-Field—which could be seen as other types of conscious experience.

With treatments and consultations that are incredibly powerful and effective, you will glean a knowledge of how to rewrite your environment, your relationships and your experience of the world.

VM introduces us to the benevolent Universe and then reminds us that we are the benevolent Universe.


Introduction to Viridian Method

“The feeling was like a trance-induced state of bliss.”

“This was sensational the energy was everywhere just like one big energy playground!”

“I want to thank you for your part in this wonderfully orchestrated dance.”

“Something has changed fundamentally within me as a result of this experience.”

“Now I feel much clearer, at peace and ready to move forward to do what I’m here for.”

“Changing the way the human race communicates infinitely. Keep up the fantastic work!”

“There was a curving alignment of stars and planets stretching to beyond sight in a continuum, and I immediately saw this replicated in the sub-atomic “spaces” in our molecules, both at once, the universe within and the universe without, both the same all at once. Time was similarly all at once, past, present, future…”

The Viridian Method is a cutting edge range of self-development techniques that are creating a storm worldwide. By interacting with the Universe in diverse ways, we can heal ourselves, manifest our dreams, and increase our psychic intelligence to offer skills such as remote viewing and astral travel.

During this fascinating Home Experience, we will explore the many possibilities that await you, from learning some basic tools to help you heal yourself, to ways of increasing your vibrational sensitivity and how to connect to repositories of vast wisdom.

The introductory level works on building sensitivity to levels beyond anything you have experienced before and offering practical VM techniques that can be in your everyday life.

Viridian Method Practitioner

The Viridian Method is the complete self-mastery system for our 21st Century world and is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Based on Energy Work, Psychic Development, Memetic Philosophies, and Psychology, VM is changing the lives of people across the globe.

Now is your chance to experience the world anew with this amazing Home Experience, you’ll work through powerful Attunements, Click-Tracks, and Arena learning to create your V-State Magic.

As you awaken to a new way of thinking, you’ll begin to perceive the subtle information that exists all around us. Encouraged by your personal Viridian guides and the ‘VC’, you’ll develop new skills and abilities that shift you beyond anything available in Self-Development and Psychic Skill Training.

The healing elements of the course will enable you to practice amazing treatments where you literally shift the Universe around you to create wellbeing on massive scale.

With the consultancy aspects of the experience, you’ll also take control of your environment and personal life. Creating the life, the world, the reality of your choice.

Empower yourself, experience the joy, create the wonder.

The Joueny:

Apprentice: Introduction to the Viridian Method

The Novice is full of wonder at this amazing new realm of V-State. The profound experience of energy lesson attunements, of VC Resources, the vast complexity that is just so simple. The intense healing, the discovery of unlimited power, the whole world of possibilities, the sheer beauty and perfection.

As a Novice, you work through the foundations of VM, understanding the history, philosophies, and general premise of the Vree-Jah. Working with the VC Resources, basic portals and matrices, you start by setting up the means by which you can influence the energy environments of your life: Your home, workplace, family, self, and so on.

With the initial planning stage underway, you will launch into your new V-State perspective and start to explore this amazing new viewpoint.

Explorer: Our Vibrational Universe

The Explorer understands that energy is everything and everything is created at some level from energy. The Explorer can harvest the vibrations of things from their perspective and use these for self-development, Psy Skills, healing, and creating major changes.

The Explorer can shape and influence energy to act beyond the three physical dimensions, beyond space and time. The Explorer works on levels of energy that are beyond comprehension and that cannot be explained in simple physical terms. The Explorer gathers knowledge and wisdom to put into brave new practices that change their life and the lives of those around them.

Empath: A Retrospective Development

The Empath can sense information that lies beyond the perception of our five senses – they know the secrets of the Universe and can translate them into usable tools and techniques. The Empath communicates with themselves as a V-State being – their Vreejian-Self – and can adapt their choices to create a better future, where they are Vree-Jah/V-State/Viridian.

The Empath knows the Universe of Energy is just choices – the states of energy where we choose to connect our attention, are those, which manifest physically for us. If you connect to the places of joy, happiness, and enlightenment, you become those things.

Warrior: The Art of V-State

The Warrior creates their situations, circumstances, and when in V-State influences the world they perceive. The Warrior understands how energy works in the Viridian perspective and how to conduct themselves in an active, as opposed to a passive, way.

The Warrior knows their environments and how to entrain those environments to be conducive to health, happiness, and personal power, whilst disconnecting from negative reaction environments and those which are disrupted to energetic potency.

Discover new found confidence, you, the VM Warrior will take charge of your life and your energy perspective. You’ll start to actively create your happiness and power.

You’ll reach out and connect to your V-State, thus altering the way your perceive the world around and becoming more than you ever imagined.

Sorcerer: Vreejian Philosophies

The Sorcerer is of the magic realms, with a deep understanding of energy in many states, or possibilities. As the Sorcerer you will be completely aware of Universal possibilities within the concept of entropy. You’ll know of imaginary time and how everybody exists in many realities. You’ll walk between these realities, shift life around you to create a magical world of healing, hope, and empowerment.

You whisper words of profound, life-changing significance to those you meet and understand how the language you work with can shape the way people act towards you.

We’ll look at telekinetic abilities and the art of energetic bi-location as you manifest your influence in many places at a single time. This multidimensional perspective will offer even greater depths of influence and power.

Psychic: Intuition & The Viridian Experience

The VM Psychic views the world of spirit as a multidimensional realm of those who have been here before us and those who will come after. In the infinite realms of V-State, you, the VM Psychic will hone your intuitive skills to literally read the people you meet and shift them to a happier path. You’ll walk with ghost, spirits, and guides, in addition to other entities that can help you glean a huge array of information.

With the emphasis on reading information, ESP, and the accuracy of your skills, you will also be able to obtain historical information, vibrational data and detailed perception of the places you visit and objects you handle.

Healer: VM Practitioner

The VM Healer practice therapeutic treatments to heal themselves and their clients. In this in-depth professional practice module, you’ll learn everything you need to treat any situation, circumstances, emotional/psychological states, or physical health issue.

Healing the world, is not about treating everybody in the world, it is about healing yourself and in VM, this connects you to your Vreejian self. The V-State person you will become.

Viridia Lingua

The art of powerful communication is at the centre of our lives. You use communication when developing happy and harmonious relationships, in business to achieve the best results, when dealing with people that challenge you, and for presenting yourself in a confidence and flexible way. In any situation that you encounter, where you need to express yourself and get the response you want, excellent communication is needed.

Yet, communication is even more than this, for you spend a great portion of each and every day communicating with yourself. The thoughts you have and the method you use to process information affects the way you perceive the world around and your ability to be effective in the world. What is more, many of us now believe that the way your filter communication internally is responsible for the life you achieve.

As we evolve and adapt our lives to fit more into each moment, to achieve what we desire, to gain a greater control over the life we lead, we need expanded ways of thinking and communicating. Viridia Lingua is a fascinating area of the VM Home Experience which focuses upon creating success with every interaction and thought process.

Working in multi-dimensional way of thinking, we explore many different layers of communication and perception to create a powerful way of using linguistics and Memetics on a daily basis.

You will be a highly effective communicator as you learn how to get inside the thought processes of other people and then can alter your method of communication to suit the needs of the situation. By doing this, you will not only be a more effective person, but you will be the main influence over any situation you encounter. This skill offers amazing rapport and mind-blowing results as you literally talk your way to the top!

The Viridia Lingua Journey…

Celtic Reiki Mystic Mastery 

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Combining various forms of discrete therapy into one, autonomous method, One give you contrasting and flexible approaches to the entire therapeutic journey from dis-ease to enlightened, spiritual awareness.

As layer upon layer of philosophy and treatment cascade into a new worldview, you will become a One Practitioner, grounded in a powerful reality, with a new paradigm for the future…


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