The Five Modalities

of One Therapy

One is a therapeutic method focused on oneness—your sense of being at one with yourself and the experience of oneness with the world around you. When you feel fragmented within yourself or disconnected from your surroundings, other people and life in general, the results can be painful. It is a pain that creates dis-ease.

There are five distinct ways of working with One Therapy. These modalities approach oneness from different perspectives to create multifaceted ways of transforming your life.

Each modality forms a map, a way of navigating your experiences from moment to moment. As you develop your way of forging ahead with an ongoing attitude towards valuable change, you will find yourself at greater ease in life and have an overall sense of wellbeing.

The Five Modalities are: 

  • Celtic Reiki 
  • vReiki
  • Karmic Regression Therapy 
  • PsyQ 
  • Viridian Method 

Celtic Reiki

The foundations of Celtic Reiki help you map your relationship with the natural world. When you create a nature-based treatment plan that focuses upon healing, creativity, and holism, you appreciate your body as a fully integrated organism within the biome of the Earth.

You are made from the same stuff as the planet. You breathe the air, drink the water, and are sustained by the food that comes from the earth at your feet. However, most modern humans differentiate between themselves and the planet, when in reality there is no difference. We are one. 


Through the perspective of vReiki we seek to map ourselves, our lives and our oneness in terms of forces, beyond the physical world. Traditionally viewed as Ki in Japan, the universality of power is explored with an understanding that Ki is everywhere, always. As such, we flow through Ki, as the droplets of a waterfall flow through sunlight.

The nature and kinetic motion through this universality, or mysterious atmosphere, can be mapped across different facets of Ki. The landscape of this map informs us how we can improve the equilibrium of oneness in harmonious and balanced ways. 

Karmic Regression Therapy

At the core of KRT is time and our addiction to it. We define our lives from birth to death and with every moment, experience the world through the lens of time. We celebrate birthdays and curse the missed opportunity; we prize youth, whilst denigrating age and ageing; we remember the past and dream of the future, all the while missing the moment of now.

KRT presents value through different temporal experiences—from the behavioural processes of karmic experience to personality profiles of ancestral miasma. How the interactions of temporal holography between birth and death can create a moment—this moment. And the act of redefining our expression and acknowledgement of time with vKRT, where we transcend the experience of time to achieve greater value. 


The development of PsyQ (Psychic Intelligence) enables us to understand how people map their experiences of life onto the physical world around them. When you nurture and apply PsyQ, you will not only be able to appreciate how other navigate their own lives, but also have a deeper understand of how you map onto the world around you.

The arena of psychic development has long been crammed full of polarising ideals, dogmatic philosophy and controlling, fearing inducing behaviour from the very professionals who are supposed to offer help. Value-driven PsyQ abilities completely rewrite the book on what being psychic means in an uplifting, essentially life-affirming way. 

Viridian Method

The Viridian Method explores the deepest nature of reality, energy, and how the elusive V-State allows you to completely transform the energy paradigms of our world (and their impact on you and others).

The great challenges of our world can be traced back to specific moments in history. Moments in which everything changed, irrevocably.

But many are still trying to use the ancient attitudes and behaviours when the world now functions in a fundamentally different way.

We will continue to spiral out of control until we review our perspective and transform how we experience the world. The Viridian Method is such a re-view, an alternative perspective on everything…