Begin Your Home-Based

One Therapy Journey

One Therapy is value-based and begins with the principles of Pleasure, Pain and Value.

Human-beings seek pleasure—we want to be happy, striving for our deepest desires, fulfilment at every step and experiencing as much joy as possible along the way.

However, in those endeavours people often fail, and this causes them pain. Pain to such a degree, they not only begin to accept it, but begin to favour it over the disappointment of unattained pleasure. These become the main endeavours of people—Pain Endeavours.

Many bounce between pleasure and pain, being thrown from one to the other at the whim of life-events and the world in general. It is not until we define and seek value that we can stabilise the constant modulation between pleasure and pain.

When you map your pleasure endeavours, pain endeavours and value endeavours in precise and specific ways, you appreciate yourself and how you tick in very different ways to those of the past.

Creating this map is at the foundation of One Therapy. And once you have that map, you can navigate the five modalities of One Therapy, to enhance the value in contrasting ways